a happy parenting day.

Yesterday was one of our best parenting days to date.  Benjamin worked long hours last week and this weekend so when Sunday afternoon rolled around we decided to get out of the house and go on an adventure.

After posting a picture of Anderson on a train ride at the Outlet mall a friend suggested we go to Burke Lake Park.  If you're in the Northern Virginia area I highly recommend it!  This place was a little slice of heaven for Anderson and fun for Benjamin and me as well.
We rode the train through the woods and by the lake and Anderson got his first carousel ride as well.  After that we decided we would need to try out the ice cream parlor then go for a mini hike on a path near the lake.

All in all, a great afternoon on a beautiful fall day.  It was a day where I didn't mind that Anderson fought his afternoon nap for a bit and blamed it on the two teeth he's cutting.  A day where I didn't mind that he needed a nap and only one of us could get to church, and a day where all in all, and honestly speaking, I may have shed a little happy tear.

So very thankful for my Benny and my lil Buddy!

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  1. What is so sweet about this is that the first thing I noticed was your Anderson holding his head a little higher as he peers over and around your Benny.... that is the sweetest thing... safe and secure with his daddy... this is what I call "I got your back." Parenthood - how sweet it is. And, what awesome parents this boy has.... taking time for HIM and showing him what this olde world is about and the good that it holds! You're beginning to give a feeling of family. Bless you and yours!