pw's chicken fried steak

Most of the time I'm the one taking out recipes and getting my super helpful husband to be my sous chef.  He likes chopping things thanks to a couple good knifes and finds it fun that we can enjoy doing a hobby together.  I agree.

Mainly he likes when our meals are focused around meat or bacon.  That's when he can really start dreaming up how we should season something, what we should pair it with, and how long it should cook for.

Over Labor Day weekend we found ourselves at my parents house while they were out of town.  It gave us some more room to stretch our arms out and more crawling space for Anderson.  I like to think he gets more worn out there and less bored and we feel more relaxed so overall it's a good decision to go there and get out of our tiny apartment once in awhile.

On this particular occasion my Mom left some steaks in the fridge which I figured we would go ahead and grill up.  Not this time.  Benjamin suggested we do chicken fried steak.

This sounded good in theory, right?  I recommended he look up Pioneer Woman's recipe and so we did and so we made it.  He got just about everything together and we cooked together before watching a thoughtless movie.

The best part about her recipe is the breading- one that I think I'll try on chicken sometime.  Then there's the gravy.  It's best to just head on over and check out her recipe and instructions because these meals although simple in theory require some serious Southern know-how.  Making gravy and frying things doesn't come naturally and up until about 2 years ago it's something I'd never done before.  Now I like to think I'm on my way to being a better frier, one recipe from Benjamin at a time.

For Pioneer Woman's Chicken Fried Steak and Gravy recipe check it out here.

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