good work laboring

To be honest the only kind of labor I've been thinking about today is that which results in a baby.  Several of my friends have had babies in the past week so while some people are resting, they are not.  Sure babies sleep a lot but looking back at the first 2 weeks of Anderson's life I can only imagine how tired they are today.

I'm not nearly as tired as they are I'm sure but I do feel more exhausted than usual.  Probably in part to only getting one break time during the day and also in part because Anderson seems so non-stop that I find myself wondering if this is all normal.  I'm sure it all is, as are the yawns I'm experiencing.

While some of you may like to live vicariously through my motherhood and family life I have to be honest that when a friend sent me a picture today of herself reading a book and drinking a cup of coffee out of a mug I gave her I missed those days just a bit.  Sure they were probably consumed with wanting a family and a little one to chase around, but being able to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee before it gets cold sounds nice too.

In other news Benjamin and I made a dinner tonight that was a serious winner.  In fact, we were impressed with ourselves.  If the yawns don't increase I'll be uploading the pictures soon and posting it for you right away!

Happy Labor Day indeed.  And welcome to the world little ones!

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