dear 49 weeks (11 months!)

Dear Anderson,

You're 11 months now and I'm going to hold onto this last month as hard as I can.  I hear when you turn 1 you're becoming a toddler and so I think I'll just erase that thought from my mind and try to think of you as a baby for as long as I can.

This week you've decided to stand on your own- when you're not thinking about it for about a second- and have been more into taking steps with us when we try and help you.  You have decided you can try to get out of your high chair and are becoming much more adamant about what you want.  Which is sometimes everything and nothing all at the same time.  When you try to do something and you can't you get very frustrated with yourself.  I think this is part developmental and part something you get from me.

The biggest change this week is that I think you're dropping your morning nap.  I admit that I was really enjoying the morning time I had to shower, pick up the house, and get some things done, but seeing as we're kissing baby-hood goodbye I suppose with that comes saying goodbye to the nap.  All in all it'll make things easier this fall when our Bible studies start back up.  It may even mean we'll get to church more often now that you're awake in the morning.

Several people this week (okay, 3) referred to you as a girl- while you were wearing blue!  To me you're such a little boy and as grammy says, "people will always disappoint."  They come back by saying you're 'pretty' which is fine- you do have such a sweet baby face, one that's hard not to fall in love with.

We don't get babysitters around here apart from grammy and grandpa so I'm not used to having much time to myself.  This weekend though your daddy took you out to breakfast which is a tradition he'd love to start with you.  It's one that I'll enjoy a lot too when you have a little brother or sister.

Yesterday instead of bearing the sun and the pool we decided to go get ice cream after your nap.  Mommy needed it and so did you.  At lunch you ended up choking on watermelon and losing everything you ate before your nap so it seemed like a good way to get calories back in your system and a treat that we should have to wish summer farewell.

We love you a lot our sweet one.  Don't grow up too fast, although you already have.


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