50 + 51 Weeks

Oh dear.  This whole week 52 thing is sneaking up on us and I'm getting just a touch sentimental.  I've been looking back at when Anderson was oh-so-tiny in old pictures! It really is amazing what happens in a year.

This weekend we'll celebrate him with some friends and I may just get choked up a bit thinking about my baby not being a baby anymore!  I may just be snuggling with him a bit more than usual, holding him longer after he nurses before I put him down, and laughing more than I should when he does something a bit clever that should perhaps get a strong "no" instead.

He does get disciplined still as we know he understands more and more each day and really does listen when we tell him NO! to certain things.  He no longer goes near the cable cords and knows not to throw his food, although that one we're still working on.

I'll save all the one year sentiments for the next baby post, with pictures of the party in there as well of course!  I suppose given these pictures I should talk about how we've switched over to cloth diapers too?!

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