weeks 39 and 40

Although this was nearly 10 weeks ago it's time to get back to recording the boy.  I can't believe how much he is growing and has grown.  It truly is amazing how much we develop in just one year.

Although a lot has changed since these pictures were taken some things haven't.  He still loves riding on his daddy's shoulders and only stops smiling while up there if I'm vacuuming.  He is both very afraid and incredibly intrigued by the vacuum cleaner.

Another change is that these clothes now fit him a bit more snuggly and I like to think I've got a husky babe on my hands.  Could be that fact that he's eating and still nursing 5 times a day but oh well.  I keep thinking of a friend who said in her Mom's group all the ladies said, "food just for fun before one."  Well, I do like the idea of him eating meals and snacks, but for now he's not yet one so nurse all you want kiddo.

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