happy anniversary benny

Dear Benny,

Since I periodically write letters to Anderson on here, why not write one to you?  I wouldn't want you to ever think that I love our buddy before I love my Benny.  Sounds silly, but it's true.

This year our anniversary snuck up on us.  I even went and planned dinner for tonight and then realized that my Mom would be coming over so that we could go out.  I'm thankful that we'll be eating out at our favorite spot tonight, and that we won't have to worry about Anderson waking up in the middle of dinner- fingers crossed.

Two years, eh?  Looking back at these pictures it seems long ago that you met me with a bouquet of flowers with a wooden spoon in them, long ago that we were driving through Montana, and longer still that we got engaged at Hendry's.  Remember when we both had jobs at ate out often  That was a fun but short lived season for us.  Now we eat at home and spend a lot of nights in.  I love it.  No surprise.

I love that we have grown so much in our friendship, our relationship, our knowledge and trust in God together and our respect and appreciation for one another.  You really are the best dad and I'm so thankful for the time you spend with Anderson, the attention you give him, and the way your mind dreams of going on adventures with him when he's a bit older.  No plane rides yet with him, ok?

I can't wait to add a zero to this 2 year thing and see where we are after 20 years.  How our family will have grown, how you will have pursued what you love and I hope are happy in your career, and how I hope we are still so very much in love.  Thank you for working at our relationship and for always always being committed to us.  Me too.

My heart is full,
your laura


  1. Happy Anniversary! Still LOVE that picture of you guys from cutting down your Christmas tree two years ago... so sweet.

  2. Thanks! Benjamin doesn't recognize the blondey in that picture!

  3. Ok, I'm now sitting over here crying...seriously, tears filling my eyes. AHHH!!! I love you guys. This makes my heart so happy and I couldn't be any more thankful for such sweet people in my life to set such an example of marriage, love and family. This overflows my heart. HAPPIEST OF ANNIVERSARIES (well, until the next, that is....) LOVE YOU! -Em