dear summer, is it fall yet?

The summer seems to be flying by and I'm okay with that.  Although we were extremely motivated in the beginning of the summer to get to the pool most every day, the 90 (or 100) and humid temperatures have had me staying indoors.  I'm ready for spring and fall and winter to remember why it's okay that we live here.

Last weekend we were in Pennsylvania at the lovely Big Summer Potluck event hosted by Three Many Cooks and the Ivory Hut.  It was especially wonderful because I got to meet some new friends from the blogosphere and got admittedly star struck when the first night at dinner I ended up sitting down to eat with Joy the Baker, Deb from Smitten Kitchen, and Tracy from Shutterbean.  Who needs movie stars when you have these ladies?  They were incredibly genuine which was encouraging.  Who wants to meet someone they look up to and realize they're not that awesome after all?  The ladies didn't disappoint and I was particularly thankful to connect with Joy, the main reason I decided to go to BSP this year.

While I was talking blogs in an old barn at Silver Buttons Farm, Benny and Anderson went on some adventures.  They hit up a few grass landing strip airports and went for a walk on the creek.  It's clear that Benjamin is really enjoying this time more than any other in Anderson's little life now that he can respond more to him and they can go places.  I'm thankful too that the buddy doesn't need me all the time, though I sure do like that I'm still his favorite for now.

Looking at these pictures I guess summer isn't so bad after all.  Then again, seems like everyone has started craving all things Pumpkin and are ready for fall, right?!


  1. I am so happy that we met and really hope the six of us can get together again in the near future. I had such a fun time talking to you guys, and Anderson is just adorable.

  2. Hey Courtney we loved meeting you too! Definitely let me know when you're headed up to DC!