a goodbye to summer

Although I'm ready for cooler weather it is always bittersweet saying goodbye to summer.  We'll have our last hoorah to summer cookouts this weekend and then before we can blink the media will be pushing Halloween and (gasp!) Christmas down our throats.  Calm down, media.

Before I start thinking about making tea in the afternoon and wearing flannel pajamas it's only appropriate that I wish summer a good farewell.  It was a sweet one full of days in the sun, the sand, and the chlorinated pool.  Now that I know how swimmy diapers work it's a good thing they put so much chlorine in the water.

Anderson got to see the Pacific and the Atlantic this year.  He went from hesitantly crawling to racing up the stars, and soon I think he'll be walking.  I had a summer full of two naps for the babe and I fear with fall those types of days will be ending.  Seems as though this big boy has decided he may just need one nap now.  Sigh.

I had the type of summer where painting my nails like this was as stylish as I got.  Jean shorts and t-shirts were my norm to the point that when I put some of these items away I'll be happy to not see them for awhile.  

I can only imagine what next summer will look like when he's running everywhere, eating us out of the house, and taking many more adventures with his daddy.  As for this summer, I'm thankful it was so kind.  For cool water and the warmth of conversation with friends new and old.  I'm thankful for baby toes in the sand, big hats, and yes, SPF 70.

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