A Happy Fourth!

Happy Independence Day, Nation!  I sit here having just watched the fireworks on TV while Benjamin ran outside to catch the show over the monuments just a few minute walk from our house where he could see them.

Although it was a wonderful day off, this year the holiday seems like a bit of a tease since Benjamin is headed back to work tomorrow.  We did of course enjoy the day at my parents where we grilled steaks, ate corn on the cob and watermelon. Apart from having the chance to crawl around a space much larger than our apartment Anderson also got to swim this afternoon.  His appetite was definitely up today and I'm hoping it helps him sleep better tonight.

I didn't feel the pressure to make anything too patriotic, though Pinterest sure has me thinking next year I just might.  It'll be fun when we can get Anderson excited about fireworks and when I have a reason to actually make something festive.  

Truth be told we set red, white, and blue aside this year and decided on Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake to celebrate my Dad's Birthday yesterday.  Have you tried this recipe yet?  It truly is a winner and a cake I'm glad I made again!

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