dear 10 months

Oh Buddy.  You are 10 months now and such the little man.  Yesterday you learned how to clap and I also learned that you really know how to disobey.  While you were eating you tug at the tablecloth and when I said "NO" you just looked at me and gave an adorable toothy grin. I laughed.  Today I will not laugh and be firm with you so that you know that you need to obey me too and not just your daddy who doesn't laugh.

As your Mama I'll just go ahead and say that I think you're a smart one.  You are putting things together so much these days and playing so well by yourself.  Today as I was helping Daddy get his lunch together you quickly bolted for and proceeded to climb up the stairs.  Slow down lil buddy.

Thankfully you're eating better now, choking and gagging less, and sleeping through the night thanks to us coming to the conclusion that it was time for you to do so!  It really wasn't as painful as I would have thought and I'm pretty sure you could have been doing this for awhile now.

Truth be told the second night of sleep training I missed seeing you during the night.  You've got me wrapped around your finger little one.

I can't believe you'll be ONE soon.  I know that's cliche to say but it's true.  We're going to have to celebrate this year by throwing you a party.  It'll have some baby theme I'm sure as I know someday you'll want a truck or airplane party.  I don't want to get stressed by the planning though and just focus on what this year has meant to us and how much you've changed our world.

With ever growing love,
your mamma


  1. I love how you ended this... "with ever growing love... " - isn't that the truth. Also... really sweet pictures of little A!

  2. Yah, thanks. I can't wait to see how big M is this fall! Looking forward to Babes starting up again!

  3. He shocked everyone (nurse included, who measured him twice!) by being 80th percentile height at his 15 month appointment... and only 50th percentile weight. Doesn't mean his tummy is any smaller or cankles any less crazy, though... Dr. Baldrate said "there are just some REALLY huge kids out there" when I looked shocked at him only being 50th for weight" (although I was probably recovering from the shock of him being 80th height - hee hee). Loving watching all the babies grow up.