Sponsor Giveaway: The Scramble Subscription!

I'm honored to be sponsored by The Six O'Clock Scramble.  Have you heard of it?  If you haven't you're seriously missing out.  This gem of a company creates menus and a grocery lists to help you get through a busy week.  Each Wednesday you receive an email with a link to the recipes and from there you can pick and chose the ones you want to make, generating a grocery list tailored just for you.  All you have to do is click print and the recipes are printed for you and grocery list is made!

The real plus is that the recipes in my experience have all been delicious and assemble quickly, in about 30 minutes of less.  You can chose to go with the seasonal recipe suggestions or search through many others in the database as well.

I love what Aviva is doing here- trying to restore dinner time sanity as she says and getting more families to sit down to a family meal- something I feel quite passionate about myself too!

As readers of this here blog I'm giving away One Three Month Subscription to the lucky winner who responds about why you should be the lucky recipient!  The giveaway will be open through Saturday and the winner will be chosen at random and contact next week!


To Enter Comment on this post saying why you should win!

If your email isn't linked on your post send me an email so I can contact you if you win! laurabeth@lbsgoodspoon.com


  1. Oh, I have heard such good things about the 6 o'clock scramble. With a 2.5 year old, almost 1 year old and another little one on the way....I feel like this is the PERFECT season of life to benefit from a service like this!!

  2. I hate to cook. So if I can find something that is fast and tastes good, I'll try it. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Annemarie can verify this. = )

  3. I'm the world's worst at menu planning which leads to making the same things over and over. It would be fun to try this!

  4. Anonymous6/06/2012

    Cool service! Meal planning is so helpful, especially after a long day of work.

  5. I'd love to win this! I want to do a better job of planning meals but I need some help.

  6. Having someone else plan my meals sounds like e pretty great time-saver. And saving time is huge right now.

  7. i love to cook, but am a terrible meal planner. i find myself going back and forth to the grocery store several times a week, which isn't easy with a little one. this site seems like it would be an awesome guide!

  8. Kristen6/08/2012

    With Owen almost walking, I have not put as much time as I'd like into menu planning since returning to work. I could use a refresher with my dinner menus, too!