some thoughts on baby food.

I find it comical looking back three months ago that I thought Anderson should pick up eating right away.  New Mom fail.  Turns out he didn't really start eating until about 8 months old and even then he's just getting better and better each day now.

For the longest time he gagged after each bite.  And so, I stopped trying.  I was okay with it seeing as it was so much easier to just nurse him and I knew he didn't need the nutrients from the food just yet.  Since I did keep trying however, with hopes that food would equal more sleep- ha!- he finally caught on and now knows that he gets breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.

Back when I was pregnant I envisioned making glorious baby food for this here blog.  Reality is at this point I just take what we eat and give it to him.  For example I blended some grilled veggies and chicken burgers for the little guy and froze a bunch of it this week.  I give him some baby food that we bought, but now it's just to use it up. I don't think I'll buy anymore, unless we're traveling and that becomes easier.

One of the big issues with feeding a baby is what to feed them and when.  I have to admit though that once he started eating and once I knew he could have whole milk yogurt and cheese too we went straight to finger foods and 'people food.'  Having ownership and being able to pick things up himself really helped this boy get the swing of things.  He still prefers doing things himself but is okay with the spoon feedings too, especially if ice cream is involved.  For the record, I'm pretty sure he's not supposed to have this yet but guess what?  I bet your Mom fed you ice cream when you were 9 months old and look how great you turned out.

I'm beginning to think Anderson is going to be a good eater after all.  Meals with him always take longer than I think these days and when I think he's full, I'm learning he's just done with whatever he's eating at the time.  If I pull out some pears or other fruit he tends to perk up again.  Oh buddy.. keep eating.. and then maybe sleep longer, ok?

How has feeding baby gone for you?


  1. It's funny- I too thought I'd be making baby food for a lot longer than I did. I really only did a few big batches of purees when Anna was 6-7 months old, and then we moved into finger foods/adult food very quickly. Despite giving her lots of different kinds of foods, she is still all over the place as to what she likes, and when she likes it. But, I think I get less frustrated by her eating habits when I haven't slaved over a meal that's unique for her. A big favorite around here is pumpkin from the can, mixed into plain yogurt.

  2. Oh yes.. this reminds me how I need to just get cans of pumpkin. He likes stuff mixed in his yogurt too although the past two days isn't eating. Teething I think...

  3. Kristen6/29/2012

    I know that Owen is several months older than Anderson, but I thought I'd share my thoughts anyways. I wish I would have started finger foods a little earlier with him. He was probably around 10 or 11 months when we really started, but he's gotten so much better. His first food was mashed avocado, but now he wants nothing to do with them! He loves pieces of banana, sweet potatoes, soft whole wheat bread, and pizza. He occasionally eats soft carrots, peas, green beans, but it's hit or miss on any given day :) I've learned to not force it with new foods-what kid does not like noodles? Owen did not like the mini beef and tomato raviolis for toddlers! Oh well, eventually.