my summer reading list.

For the first time in almost (uh oh) 8 months I picked up a book and decided to read instead of clean and pick up and blog during nap time.  I'm going to be in a Book Club this summer- my first- and seeing as the first meeting is next week it was time to get started.  I hope to read four books this summer.  Other summer's it would be possible.  This summer I'll be happy if I read two.

On the List..

1. Kisses from Katie.  I just started this as it's our first Book Club book!  It's a story of a girl who moves to Uganda pulled there by a strong sense that it's where God was leading her.  In the process its confirmed she's meant to be there to love on all in her path.

2.  One Thousand Gifts.  You've probably read this, right?  I got this as a Mother's Day gift from my sister-in-law and after some great reviews I'm excited to get started. Maybe it will be a good thing to read on the plane en route to Santa Barbara?  Oh wait.  I'll have a baby with me.  No more reading on planes.

3.  Food Rules- Illustrated.  Have you seen this book?  It's beautiful and will make reading this modern-day foodie classic all that more enjoyable.

4.  Unbroken.  It's time I read this.  Perhaps I'll get to it in time for the beach in August.

What will you be reading this summer?  I'd love to hear so I can add them to my list!


  1. Here is something funny, I borrowed One Thousand Gifts from the library ohhh... a year ago? Haven't read it yet and just found it when we were moving! I think I HAVE to read it now, to feel some justification?! :)

  2. I read Unbroken :) Very Good! I'm interested in that Kate book. I might download it and we can chat about it too! If you go on my facebook page under about me, I have my book lists there...some are REALLY good :)

  3. Sounds like these books are meant to!