let's play photo catch up

I have a much more mobile baby these days, and one who has finally gotten the hang of eating (when he wants to) so life has gotten increasingly busier.  I've had to remind myself that I'm at home for him, not for me, so when I don't get done what I want to in a day it's ok.  What we are getting done is swimming and playing and eating and reading.  The important stuff.

Anderson is also working on two more teeth which are bringing him a lot of pain as of this weekend and resulting in less sleep for his mamma.   He's sitting up on his own, loves standing at his toys, and has frequented the pool a lot so far this summer.  It's a great way to spend the afternoons and tire him out before bedtime.  I'm enjoying this California-like weather too before the read humidity sets in.

Speaking of bedtime, time for mine over here.  Anderson was gifted his first pair of big boy jammies this week.  Makes him look like such a little boy now! Time is sure flying.

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