{happy weekend}

What are you up to this weekend?  Benjamin is off mountain biking right now so my plan is to head to the new Athleta store when Anderson wakes up to look for an adult rashguard for some added UV protection.  I'm not really into getting sun anymore in life and I figure this will be helpful for many years to come.

We may head to a low country boil this afternoon at one of our favorite spots, a concert in our neighborhood around 6, and tomorrow we're off to St. Michael's for the antique boat show- Dad's request. We'll also be cracking some crab- it's a once a year type of ordeal.

I'll be trying to snap non-blurry pics of the little guy and rocking some red lipstick.  I got on the train a little late but can't seem to get off, and with this lipstick it's hard for it to come off anyways so once on, it'll stick around all day.  Love.

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