dear nine months

Oh Buddy.  You're 9 months now and we still call you Buddy a lot.  You're a whole new baby this month, crawling all over and finally eating too. You've gotten yourself up on a step but thankfully you didn't go any further.  You've stood up on your own too but it's not something you do all the time...yet.

Today we went to the pediatrician and they gave me the usual.  Yup- you're doing great.  All the questions and concerns I had were barely answered so I'll continue on and use my Motherly instinct to decide what to do about your lack of sleeping through the night and if wearing chlorine free diapers is really a big deal or not.  I've learned that the doctor doesn't tell us that much, but I guess we should just be thankful they don't have much to say.

A few months ago I was wondering if would care if you didn't see me for a day or so.  Now I know that you would seeing as it's clear separation anxiety has begun.  I do love that you're such a fan of me and love me with your slobbery kisses.  No biting though, champ.

I can't believe in 3 months you'll be 1 year.  I know every parent says this but it's true.  Time flies, especially when things are busy and you're growing so fast.  Life sure isn't the same anymore and your daddy and I love you dearly.


  1. We are suffering through the same thing of no sleep. He gets up at least twice a night still. I love reading your updates and for some reason I got a little teary reading this one, maybe seeing as how it is SO close to a whole year going by! I'm so happy for you and your boy is BEYOND adorable. Keep up the blog because I LOVE it!

  2. I felt the same way about visits to the pediatrician...and then I switched. Let me know if you want to exchange dr. Info. Also congrats on 9 glorious months of mama hood:)

  3. Thanks, Brandi! And Jaime- I think I just might. I really like my doc and she sees babies so I think I may make his year appointment with her! We'll see.