9 summer essentials for the babe

With Summer in full swing now we've had to arm ourselves, and our diaper bag, with some summer essentials for the babe.  The kid is fair so I've always got a big hat on hand, sunscreen, and when we're headed to the pool we've got a long sleeve, and hooded, UV shirt, lots of sunscreen, and of course the cutest swim trunks around.

We couldn't resist the awesome swim floaty for the pool which Anderson loves potentially just as much as I do.  Holding him in the pool isn't as much fun for either of us and he loves to kick around.  I love that he's using those muscles and shaded by the sun as well.  

Here are 9 Summer Essentials for the Babe I love... (or Want)

1.  Boden Coverup.  Anderson doesn't have this but he probably needs it, right?  Too bad leaving the pool means he's happy to be walking home with just a diaper on.  So hot here, so hot.  Maybe this makes more sense for true California babies?  I still want it.  

2.  UV Shirt.  We've got two but mainly use our long sleeve and hooded shirt I snagged for $9 on sale at Gap Kids several months ago.  I'm not sure why more baby UV shirts aren't hooded.  They're the best.

3.  Plaid Swim Trunks.  These polo trunks are what Anderson has thanks to Auntie Laura.  She'll soon see Ander rock these in person and it will be glorious.

4.  A good Hat.  We've got this one from Target but love a Carter's wide brimmed hat too.  A must.  And yes, he keeps the hat on.  I think he knows without it he's squinting and can't see.

5.  Swimways Float.  The pool just wouldn't be the same without this.

6. Snack Trap.  We don't have this one although it's in our future.  I definitely have learned to have snacks on hand for the little guy after he's spent some time kick-kick-kicking.

7. A little washable bag for Suits.  We got this bag when Anderson was born and I've used it countless times.  I really love it now to throw wet suits in and know that I can easily wash the bag itself too.

8. Neutrogena Sunblock Bar.  This is super portable and makes for a quick application, especially when I need to get his face or legs when we're on walks.

9. California Baby Sunblock.  This was a gift and boy am I glad it was.  This isn't cheap but with no chemicals and organic ingredients I have no worries putting this all over Anderson.  

Did I miss anything?  What are you summer baby essentials?  Do you use water shoes?  I'm thinking about it after his feet got scuffed up from the baby pool.  Baby Crocs?  I just might.

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  1. That monkey bag is adorable. I bet some really cool baby boy buddy gave it to him.