6 Father's Day Gift Ideas. Because Benny Likes Presents.

You may remember when I shared with you about how I'm not a present liking person, but I married someone who very much is.  With that fact in mind and because I think I'm learning how to love him better these days, I've been thinking of gifts for my dear husband.  Perhaps some of these would work for your man as well?

Apart from the items listed here how about giving him an experience?  Living Social, Gilt, Groupon, and other deal sites all seem to be offering great ideas for the Dad in your life.  Think of golfing, shooting ranges, kayaking, canoeing, rock wall climbing, and beer tasting to name a few.  While some guys may like something tangible others would love the opportunity to go do something out of the ordinary.

As Dad's they might not readily admit it but I'd go ahead and guess that if you tell them they have the day to golf they won't be sitting back wishing they could help you around the house.  Can't blame them.

Here are 6 ideas of gifts for your men.  Benny may or may not be getting some of these.  It's basically going to be better than Christmas for him.  Maybe we won't do Christmas this year?  I doubt that idea will fly..

1.  Wayfarer Ray-Ban Sunglasses.  The sunglass that screams classic at the same time it shouts trendy.

2.  Seersucker Suit for the Little Guy.  Benjamin saw one of these for Anderson and commented later that night how cute it would be.  Benjamin has a suit like this for him, so why not get a matching one for Anderson?

3.  Tilley Hat.  Does the Dad in your life have one of these?  Made in Canada with a Lifetime warrenty.  No joke seeing as Benjamin just got a replacement hat sent to him since his got a tear in it.  That's customer service.

4.  The Ultimate Bar Book.  Benjamin has wanted this one for month's.  Friends of ours use it often and the recipes always come out making me think there's no reason to go buy a drink at a bar.

5.  Hand Printed Rocks Glasses- Made right in Colorado these glasses are the perfect size, hold up to many washes in the dishwasher, and will make him realize he really likes having an official glass for his bourbon.  Much better than the juice glass the kids use.

6.  Unbroken.  Admittedly a gift for both you, and him.  I realize this was a hit awhile ago but we haven't read it in our house and I hear Benjamin will enjoy the World War II history and I'll enjoy the story as well.  Win win.

I've got his present(s) purchased.  Now off to find the perfect card...

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