3 Summer Essentials for Moms

Summertime styling as a Mom is an interesting thing. I was in need of a few things this summer- a good suit, some fun nail polish, and a UV Shirt.  

As for the suit I needed something functional for the pool and yet I didn't want it to scream "Mom" even though I'm holding the best title around.  I was in search of a one piece this year that would still be young and fun but also work with a baby tugging at me.  I ended up going with Boden's Fiftie's Swimsuit.  I love the pattern, ruched sides, and overall fit of this suit.  A winner.

As for the nails I got all brave and got a blue and coral.  I prefer the blue on my toes and like the light coral on the nails.  No time to get manis and pedis this summer and even when I did have time I'm happy to do nails myself.  I don't think I'm brave enough to do the ring-finger trend though.  Have you done it?

Ah, the UV shirt.  You may have a suit that doesn't scream Mom, but then you throw a UV shirt on and your cards are all out there.  Oh, and you have a baby in tow.  I for one am quite over getting any more sun in my life so I quickly ran out to Athleta when the store opened around us and got this top.  UV 50 means if I can't get screen on my back or shoulders, no problem.

Have you purchased some new gear this summer?  Do tell.


  1. I've been debating the one piece. On one hand, they are so cute and trendy. On the other hand, I have a boy figure and look ridiculous in them. On the third hand (if I had a third hand) I would say this: Anna has already tried to rip my top off. So yeah.

    New purchases for me this summer, my first whole summer as a mom, are as follows: new comfy slip on shoes (sorta like Toms), a big, classic LL Bean bag to fit the entire family's pool stuff, a huge white hat to cover my already wrinkled skin, and mint nail polish for my toes. :)

  2. One pieces are trendy? I thought they were the only option for us moms. Had no idea I've been trying to get in on a trend - of course, go figure, unsuccessfully.

    Tankinis it is for this momma.

  3. Lesley. The boy figure isn't all bad. Means you don't worry about chubby tummy! I'm so tempted by the mint polish too! and Yes- huge beach bag which is now becoming my every day diaper bag.

    Kara- ha! I'm sure you rock the tankini and could easily do a bikini too!