sponsor giveaway: Joy in the Small Things

I'm super thrilled today to be sharing with you a giveaway by the very sweet, kind, and talented Jill of Joy in the Small Things.  I first met Jill through our church in Santa Barbara and was happy to reconnect with her some time ago and learn of her Etsy Shop.

Jill had been in the teaching profession for years but a diagnosis with Crohn's Disease created a shift in her world.  Being the positive and inspirational woman that she is, Jill has taken this trial and found the little bits of Joy in it that she can.  She has chosen to turn something awful into a source of giving glory to God.

Here's a bit of her story in her own words....

I started creating folk art banners with a simple word or short phase that captured the quality or essence unique to each person after being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease when I was no longer able to teach.  During that year full of tests and pokes and sickness and ugliness, I thanked each person who helped our family by creating a banner for them. Eighty eight banners later, I find myself making banners for new friends and those interested in my work. While I am still not out of the woods and am learning to live with chronic pain, I have used this site to learn new ways to be grateful to God despite unpredictable and difficult life circumstances. I find there is a LOT to be thankful for and that is the essence of this site.  I have my friend Kim to thank for the name of this website. Recently she emailed me to encourage me during a hard week, pain-wise, and said “I am and will continue to pray for joy in the small things for you as so much pain is part of your daily routine.” Joy in the Small Things…yes, that fits!

Today for one lucky reader she's giving away One Banner... 
up to 8 letters in length.  That's a $60 value, but yours for free!


To Enter:  Comment on this blog post by saying something that brings you Joy!

Contest open to US Residents Only and open until Sunday May 20th.  Winner will be contacted on Monday May 21st!

Email me : laurabeth@lbsgoodspoon.com to let me know if you did any of the extras above!

There you have it!  Now go enter and share what brings you JOY!


  1. Well, I guess what brings me joy is hearing the light shine through broken stories and places. There's a great David Wilcox song an the chorus says in part:
    "In this scene set in shadows
    Like the night is here to stay
    There is evil cast around us
    But it's love that wrote the play..."
    And I guess I get trippy when I hear those stories, shaking my head, trembling in my boots a bit and then turn at the twist to see
    Thanks for this awesome post and for your friends courage and fight Laura! Bless her, bless her!!

  2. Such a great story! (And a fun giveaway.) I have to say that Ellie gives me joy, but sine Matt is putting her to bed, maybe I should give him the shout out!

  3. Going for a walk with a friend, her dog, my baby brought me joy this morning. I love the simple, everyday blessings.

  4. The 9 year old neighborhood boy who is so patient with my 2 year old boy. That brings me joy to see someone love my kid so much.

  5. lately our life has been fill a few trials and now that I am coming thru the other side I am so filled with joy at all I have learned and been blessed with. Realizing I am stronger than I thought gives me joy. :) what a fun giveaway, thanks so much!!

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