mother's day. what we did.

It seems fitting that after my rant about what I'd like for Mother's Day if I were a present liking person I share with you about what we really did.  It felt like the weekend was a big celebration, starting off with Friday.  Benjamin had the day off so he let me sleep after Anderson woke up and ate then I proceeded to go back to sleep after he went down for his morning nap.  I thought I might have another hour to slumber as Benjamin headed off to run some errands. I pulled down our room-darkening shades and proceeded to follow Anderson's lead and sleep for 3 hours!  Benny arrived home at 11:15 to find us both just waking up.  It was glorious.  The gift of sleep is an amazing one.

Later in the weekend we got take-out from our favorite Mexican restaurant in town and then ran into a wine shop while Anderson was still awake and not yet too fussy to grab a bottle of wine for dinner and much to my glee two cartons of Jeni's ice cream!  For awhile now I have been raving about this ice cream shop hailing from Ohio and little did I know there is a case stocked of all sorts of flavors just ten minutes from our house.  This discovery is dangerous.

After putting Anderson to sleep I came downstairs to our takeout, candles, wine, and ice cream.  A perfect date for us at home so lovingly put together by the husband.

On the actual day itself we headed out to Leesburg and after a lunch of steak, mushrooms, and corn on the cob we headed out to Sunset Hills Vineyard.  As Benjamin just said, "the white wasn't horrible..."  We're a bit snobby when it comes to Virginia wine but it's's making progress.  

The location was ideal for ending our day and very relaxing indeed.  It was a great day and weekend for me.  Dare I say it's my new favorite holiday? 

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