33 weeks

When did this happen?  Smiling at his grammy of course as she plants flowers in our little bed.  I wasn't going to plant much this year since all we get is shade and it's somewhat depressing for me.  In true Motherly form however she came over with plants and picked up some herbs too.  I'll try and find the sunniest spot for my basil and wish for the best.

Back to the kid...cute, right?!  Trying to eat some more but as we speak he's recovering from some more serious spit up, or rather throw up after eating.  He's just not too into it yet.  According to the nurse we should be trying three times a day.  Yesterday we tried twice and considering what just happened today we'll be trying only once.  This weekend I'll get Benny to try it with him.  The kid likes my milk and smells like it a lot today too.  Growth spurt perhaps?  Probably.

I hear a crying baby so this post must end.  Poor guy.  Growth spurt...teething...being a baby... your guess is as good as mine!

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