our weekend. summer is here?

90 tomorrow.  90?!  With temperatures in the 80's today and leaves on the trees now summer is just around the corner.  We're on the cusp of it in fact and kicked it off well (if I do say so myself) by having a BBQ today.  BBQ's are much different when you have babies.  You end up trying to get them to nap and making sure they're occupied and cool and not getting sunburn most of the time.  Oh well.  Thankful to be kicking my feet up now and glad we were able to see so many friends this afternoon!

I made lime pound cake again of course, baked beans that cooked in the slow cooker for 12 hours yesterday, and Joy's chocolate bundt cake.  All winners.  I'll post the beans recipe soon.

Pretty thankful for friends right now, for community, for family, and of course for this little blue-eyed baby.

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