oh right. we live here.

It's very rare that we go into the city.  We usually head out of it on the weekends so we can stretch our arms out a bit in the country.  This week however I suggested we go to a memorial- try something we never do.


So, after Anderson's glorious 2 hour morning nap we packed up and drove the less than 10 minute drive into the city.  We parked right near the memorials and walked around for a bit.  Although I had been many times Benjamin hadn't so it was a good 'been there done that' for us.

Since we're not sure when we'll be back- seeing as we've lived here for almost 2 years and we just now did this- we of course took some photos.  Anders looked about as thrilled about the memorials as I am.  History, right?!  Oh no.  I think this kid will like them and eat up every fact his daddy tells him.  For today though it was a bit bright and cool.

Here's to making more memories in DC- during that sacred time between naps when we can drive in and avoid the traffic that makes me think less about this place.  For now I'll ride on the, "Wasn't that great?  It took no time at all!  Look at us all back before nap time!"

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  1. I love that you guys got all dressed up too! Love our city - especially the memorials. Good reminder to go and enjoy them more.