local love: Bausc- Health Food for your Skin!

When everyone was gifting us with onesies and toys, friends of ours gave me some Bausc body wash and lotion.  They raved about the company, how it was made right in our backyard (figuratively speaking) and how you could almost eat the lotion and body wash- it was that natural.

Since that time I quickly used up the lotion and am on my last few squirts of body wash.  I find that my skin reacts best to natural products and with a newborn I was happy to use a body wash that I knew wouldn't leave chemicals on my skin that was so often close to baby!  

When Bausc products say that they're natural they really are!  There are no toxic ingredients in the products or scary chemicals.  But do they work?  Indeed they do and they smell good too!  I use the body wash as shaving cream as well and look forward to checking out some of their baby and kids items.

As founder Sandy Polentes told me, "all the luxury without the toxicity."  Check them out online or if you're near Leesburg contact Sandy to see about stopping into her home boutique!

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