dear 31 weeks

Another week with more changes.  You decided to sleep longer at night and on a day when I really was just putting you in your crib so I could run downstairs then come get you for Bible study- you went to sleep.  Such a big boy.  Self-soothing and going to sleep all on your own.

Your tooth has come through more and big news- your hair is growing!  Coming in blonde.  Sweet boy.  You are napping like a champ.  Those two hour naps are pretty awesome so keep those up.

You're just getting cuter by the day and oh-so-active.  Going out to lunch for Grammy's birthday was a bit of a challenge as you needed to just see new toys all the time and you wanted to hold everything.  I feel as though I have a season of respite right now because once you're crawling I have no clue how I'm going to catch my breath.

Your buddy Caleb is over a year and it's fun for me to look at him and wonder what you'll be like at that age.  I know Daddy is excited for you to be able to walk and to be on your own more so he can take you out to breakfast.  What will next week hold?  Loving you more than I could have imagined precious boy.

xoxo mamma.

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