30 weeks

30 weeks champ and 7 months tomorrow.  I would say you're into everything but you're not crawling so I'll just say you'd like to be into everything.  Exhibit A.  (Rocking Daddy's shorts and a onesie that has since been retired for fear of it's snaps popping)

Big news is you tried food today.  You seemed to like it for a bit and you didn't choke so that's good news.  In other (obvious) news this week you seemed to have gained about 5 pounds.  That's an exaggeration of course but you're chunking up kid and I think I'm finally going to take Daddy's suggestion and get myself a massage since I feel quite unbalanced, especially now that you fling yourself around a lot when I'm holding you.

Today was a bit of an off day for you and I'm not sure why.  You woke up earlier, slept again, but then didn't go down for your naps like you usually do.  Perhaps it's the tooth that keeps coming up through your gums that's bothering you, or another one coming in elsewhere.  Whatever it is, I'm a softy for you and continue to wake up when you want to nurse and dismiss the idea of letting you cry.  I thought I'd let you cry more and that you'd be sleeping through the night by now but well, we're here, and for now, it's okay.


  1. he is such a cutie. those eyes. i bet they make you all melty while he's nursing, right?

    1. Oh yes. His lashes will make many girls hearts melty.