29 weeks.

I didn't think I could fall more in love with this little one but I have.  A good night's sleep is probably helping my feelings about him right now.  Just kidding.  He has been cracking us up these days as his social personality comes out more.

This past week he went swimming for the first time (which was more exciting for me than him) and also 'got' his first tooth!  We can feel it cutting through his gums although it's still got some ways to go before we see more of an actual tooth.

This past week we also stopped eating solids after he decided it was a good idea to gag after everything I gave him.  Because it really wasn't fun to worry about him choking and because I've heard you shouldn't force the issue I decided to take Dr. Sears' advice and stop for a week.  I re-introduced pears today and he gagged again sooo we may be taking it slow again this week when it comes to food.  I've gotten what I asked for and the kid loves to nurse!

We got most of these smiles by showing Anderson his girlfriend and favorite song on Grammy's phone.  Once he got it in his hands he of course decided he should taste it.

Loving you more each day lil buddy.  Here's to another good week!

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