26. 27. 28!

Oh my.  I've been slacking in doing weekly updates on the boy so this Monday we get 3 weeks of fun.  At 26 weeks Anderson turned 6 months and my how things are changing.  Although we were once eating like a champ we've decided we're not so sure about it anymore and eating solids hasn't been going so well.  The only thing we seem to open our mouths for is pears and not the kind from a jar, the kind I make myself.  I have some more cooling right now so we'll see if he will take to them today.  I sure hope so as him eating more equals him sleeping more which equals me sleeping more!

Sitting up is the new highlight and he's not too fond of being on his back on the ground anymore.  I think the infant swing we have in our house may soon be replaced by the excersaucer which is currently at Grammy's.  I'm realizing I'll probably need a bigger bin too for the amount of stuffed animals and toys we have circulating this house.  

For Easter we busted out another one of Benjamin's outfits and it fit Anderson like a gem.  I love that he can wear these little outfits so well and that Mamma T kept them all these years!  It's definitely inspired me to keep some of his nicer things to give to his wife someday when they have babies.  I sure hope she'll appreciate it!

Anderson's personality comes out more and more and although he's not a goober like cousin Owen I think for now I'd say he's a little stinker.  Not wanting to eat, wanting to just nurse and see me throughout the night, and turning his head all too often when you're trying to get a smile out of him.  He has a personality of his own and is still quite the thinker always looking around and examining new places and things. Benjamin realized this weekend when the time comes to take him hunting he'll probably be the one saying, "Dad- be quiet.  We need to look for deer."  We also realize he may say, "No Dad, I'm kinda tired.  I think I'll stay home."  That's his Mamma in him!

As tired as I may be in the mornings, I can't help but love the sweet face that comes into the room after Benjamin goes to get him.  He has this look of, "Hey Mom- Dad's got me!"  How sweet it is.  As many pictures as I take of the boy those mental images are the one's that stick the most.  Love you lil buddy.

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