Weeks 24 and 25

We've been busy around here with all sorts of good things.  This weather has us playing outside more venturing into swings and our stroller without the car seat adapter!  I really love this stage as he's still a baby but so much more interactive.  His serious personality keeps us laughing as he's the toughest critic I know.  When his little girlfriends Clara and Parker Catherine come over they smile up a storm and Anderson just stares at them.  This is probably not a surprise and just a sign that boys from the very beginning have no clue what girls are thinking.

I captured the top picture on my phone and love it so much. It's a good image of the sweet boy that we have.  He's falling more into a nap routine and currently is sleeping unswaddled! I was going to try the whole idea of keeping one arm out and gradually get him out of the swaddle but I think that frustrated him more so the sleep sack it is!  He may not be in the all the time though as it's been warm at night even with the fan on in his room and I've found him sometimes too warm in a cotton sleeper.

I'm not sure how much longer these pictures will include onesies.  Truth is he doesn't have a plane white onesie in his size right now and with summer ahead I'm not about to go get them as we won't be putting him in many layers.  That said we may be in diapers of colorful clothes soon but oh well!  I should be making up the rules as to how I'm documenting each week, right?

I'll end this post now as I'm sure you could care less about him sleeping in a swaddle blanket and care more about FOOD....

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