little noses

Well, this about sums things up over here.  Although I took him to the doctor yesterday she claimed he'd be better today.  Sure I'm a new mom, but having a fever since Friday didn't seem like a good thing to just let go.  Yesterday he napped for 2 hours in the morning and 3 in the afternoon.  I found myself checking email and feeling for about 5 minutes like I had time on my hands- an amazing feeling after 5 months of baby demands all the time, be them sweet and be it that I love him dearly. 

I'm now a nose freida user.  The ball syringe is less of a favorite and so I've turned to sucking out the mess with this lovely device.  Are you a user too?

After hearing great things about the razberry teether I got one for Anderson. I gave it to him this morning and surprisingly he didn't want to put it in his mouth.  Oh child.  You're a mess.

To all the new moms out there- have these drops on hand.  Super safe and very helpful since babies don't exactly know how to blow their noses.  

We're missing our Mom's group this morning thanks to another long nap over here this morning but hoping to make it outside a lot today for the 72 and sunny weather we're expected to have.  Hello SPRING!

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