greener cleaning

For awhile now I've wanted to use better, and less, cleaning products.  I really don't like the idea of Windex and Soft Scrub and overall unnecessary chemicals all over the house that we breath in and sometimes consume.  I really don't like this idea when I think of someone little who is about to crawl all over the floors and put his hands on the floor then into his mouth.

What I do like is the idea of less cleaning products, and better ones.  I like the idea of vinegar and baking soda and borax. I like all natural cleaners that are simple and can be made by me.  Cleaners that can clean my floors and also my body as Castile soap claims?  Well alright.

There's a big frugal bone in my body so I've been using up the cleaners we do have that I don't intend on purchasing again.  Yesterday in fact I threw out a can of Comet and I'm working my way through some wood floor cleaner that was left by our landlord.  I used up Pine Sol months ago and do have some Windex seeing as it's about that time to clean the windows again!  Once it's used up though I plan on trying out a solution of club soda and some rubbing alcohol to clean the windows.

For the bathroom and kitchen floors I've used vinegar and water and it works wonders.  For the bath I've used Borax then washed it down with a Castile Soap and Water Solution.  And although we have some Method Daily Shower Cleaner which is great, when that runs out I plan on filling the bottle with vinegar and water and spraying that on instead.

Do you have "Green" Cleaning techniques that are tried and true?  Any recipes you love?  I think making some solutions is in my future, and maybe even buying some essential oils so they smell nice too.

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