butterfinger cake

Once a week Anderson and I head to a Mom's group which is also a Bible Study.  I'm not sure really what to call it because it's also a support group, prayer group, social group, and overall fun group of women living life who all happen to be Mom's of young babes looking to God for wisdom on how to do that well.  

I say all of this because right now we're going through a Bible study book that happens to include recipes in it.   I was of course intrigued when I saw this recipe and decided I should make it to help satisfy the sweet tooth I've acquired since having Anderson.  The recipe seemed easy enough as it includes boxed cake mix and cola- two things I don't cook with most days but hey, I'll try anything (at least) once.

I made it one night and was happy to have a social gathering with the ladies to bring it to the following day and also some neighbors who I could pawn off the rest of the cake to so I didn't sit at home nibbling away at it.  Oh, there's Cool Whip in there too- a weakness of mine.  

{Recipe thanks to Kelly Minter}

{Ingredients You'll Need}
  • 1 box Devil's food cake mix
  • 10 oz. cola or diet cola
  • 1 egg white
  • 7 oz. sweetened condensed milk
  • 2 T. peanut butter
  • 8 oz. frozen whipped topping, thawed
  • 2 Butterfinger bars
1. Combine the cake mix, cola, and egg white then spread into a greased 9x13 pan according to the box instructions.

2. Just before the cake is done combine the peanut butter and condensed milk so that it's nice and warm and smooth.  When the cake comes out poke holes all over it then spread this mixture on top so that it seeps into the cake.  Now chop up one of the candy bars and sprinkle that on top.

3.  Allow the cake to cool then cover the cake with cool whip and sprinkle another chopped Butterfinger bar on top.  Easy peasy.

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