boy did he eat

Saturday night Anderson decided he would revert to his newborn days and spend hours nursing.  I think he either knew I had plans or knew his little friend Parker Catherine was at our house and so he decided it would be best to just be awake a lot and eat eat eat instead of letting me go out.  When I did get out I returned home about 45 minutes later as the slumbering baby who I left decided to wake up and not be a happy camper for his Daddy.

And so, I gave in and decided it was time.  Time for food.  Time to get this kid eating more.  After all, it's crazy when you realize you haven't slept through the night in 6 months.  That said I've adapted well (I think) and love the sweet time with him... apart from the 2:30 feedings- those are just rough.  Ok really, it's just rough when you're into your sleep cycle and a little whimper is heard.

All this to say, I do know that eating may not affect his sleep all that much.  The kid may still want to see me throughout the night and that's ok.  I'll just think about a time ten, fifteen, or even twenty years from now when he gets a little over his Mamma more often than not and consider it all okay.  He doesn't know how to role his eyes yet and that's a good thing.

Before I knew we'd be starting so soon I had high hopes of his first food being a California Organic Avocado, or some orangic sweet potatoes I had lovingly pureed.  Well, life happened, Grammy went shopping for him, and he ate Organic Sweet Potatoes as his first food.  It's all really okay.  I do want to try and feed him as much organic food as we can because I'm really not jazzed about additives and pesticides and hormones.  Who is?  I also truly believe that the eggs and bacon our grandparents ate are very different than the eggs and bacon we find in the stores today.  That's really why I care about good food, local food, organic food, so much.

Anderson wasn't too shy about eating though I'm sure my awesome facial expressions helped.  Who wouldn't be excited to eat when their Mom has such amazing excitement over sweet potatoes?

I think I may take a stab at cooking his next veg in a few days.  Peas perhaps or carrots.  We'll see!  I'm pretty excited about it in fact, no surprise there, and glad that he's (so far) doing so well!


  1. ALL pictures of Anderson are adorable, but these are especially fun!

  2. Fun! A new stage. We loved avocado and banana at the start because they are ready to go without any cooking!

  3. Great pics of a fun milestone! Welcome to food, Anderson!