all bummed out.

Before Anderson arrived I had one tube of Desitin in a basket on the changing table.  Surely this would be all I would need for those times his bum was a little red.  Not so.  I'm sure part of our issues in this region have to do with the fact that it's been winter and a dry one at that in our house with baseboard heating, but still, the kid has been a bit of high maintenance.  He's taking after his mother in the super sensitive skin department and now that the sun is coming out and heating things up I'm of course concerned about how I'll cover this buttery skin all summer.

Until then, take note new-mom's of the diaper creams we've purchased as some have worked better than others.  Here's my reviews in order of what I like..

Diaper Creams:
  1. TriDerma Diaper Rash Cream - This is our favorite for when he's more red and in need of some serious aid.  It's gentle yet has worked the best for him! 
  2. Aquaphor- a great cream for any dryness on the bum or not.  Something we'll be using a lot of for years to come I'm sure although it's a bit sticky so I don't get how people use it as a lotion.  You really have to let it absorb in before putting clothes on!
  3. A&D Ointment.  I've gone through one whole tube of this and ended up getting a tub of it.  It provides a good barrier, is economical, and used often before bedtime.
  4. Desitin- Purple Bottle- extra strength and thicker so more effective.  I keep this in my diaper bag.
  5. Desitin- Blue Bottle- this stuff is the 'regular' version and ok for slight redness but not the best for a real rash
  6. California Baby Calming Powder- I loved this when he was a newborn and used it a lot then.  Now it's used on occasion and maybe after a bath to make sure he's dry in all the fat rolls.

Little did I know there were so many other creams that could be used.  For example, he had a very red neck because he had no neck... We were told to put hyrdocortisone cream on which I was okay with for a few days but didn't really want to use long term as it thins out their already delicate skin.  

We also purchased some cream that is actually an antifungal for athlete's foot (gross) because his neck and bum could potentially get rashes that would need that.  

I mentioned before that he had eczema, basically a fancy way of saying dry skin.  When it's super dry we use the TriDerma lotion or the Stelatopia cream all over body and head since he tends to itch it and he has no hair to protect his skin from getting all scraped up.  Sometimes we joke that a kitten gets into his crib at night and scratches him because it really can look that bad.

Who knew, right?  Thankfully now that we know what works best for him we can weed some of these items out.  All of these purchases have solidified at least one thing to me- go buy stock in baby product companies. It's really just silly how many diaper rash creams, lotions, pacifiers, and bottles we've gotten to see what works.


  1. Anonymous3/17/2012

    my baby has sensitive skin too, my naturopath told me to lay off cow really helped!

  2. Good to know! It's so interesting how cow dairy can affect them in a different way than sheep or goat's milk!