23 weeks

Happy boy right now.  He's had a fever since Friday and this is the happiest I've seen him since then.  The fever spiked to 103.5 yesterday but thankfully we were at my parents so doula grammy came to the rescue with a cool bath and tylenol.  When we gave him tylenol the night before when it was 101.9 he proceeded to throw it all up.  I earned some Mom points however as I caught some in my hands- a true right of passage it seems.

I keep waiting for a tooth to pop through and wonder if we might get one soon since he's sleeping a lot today.  Even though he's fever-free today I think he's still getting over the bug he had and hopefully will be feeling better tonight and keep up the lovely schedule he's had of sleeping mostly through the night.  We feel like new people over here!  

They say breastfed babies usually dodge illness but not so with Anderson.  So far he's gotten every bug he's been around it seems and doesn't respond well the the tylenol or gripe water I've given him, throwing it up almost every time.  These are just some of the reasons why I'm waiting 6 months to bring in food- those and the article I read by Dr. Sears (no relation of course) on the benefits of waiting to introduce solids.  Until then, I'll read up on the baby cookbooks I've received!

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