eating up pinterest

I'm hooked.  Pinterest is way more interesting, insightful, and entertaining than any other social media time waster out there. Then again, so far it hasn't been that big a waste of time seeing as I've made many a meal from it and have even done myself some home remedy-ing as well. ( word.)

For example, this Rosemary Goat Cheese Pasta was whipped up in no time and perfect for when we had friends over last minute.  Garlic..rosemary...goat cheese...and lots of cream. Can't go wrong.

Then there's the Butternut Squash and Lentil Stew I made last week for some vegetarian friends.  Hearty, healthy, and the 2 year old kept saying, "mow wowa" several times.  He liked it and I think you would too!

Tonight's dinner will be the Braised Peanut Chicken and tomorrow we might do the Tomato and Parm Soup.  I've also got ingredients for the Rice and Chicken soup seeing as we're on the mend here from getting the lovely stomach bug that made it's way into our bellies this past weekend.

If you want to follow what I'm eating on Pinterest, be my guest by clicking here.

Oh, the home remedy-ing.  I saw this lovely idea on how to clean your shower head and decided to clean our shower head and bathroom faucet like this the other day.  No more pink mildew and hopefully no more gross "stuff" coming out of the spicket into Anderson's bath water!

Are you pinning your interests too?!

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  1. Love Pinterest. Especially the crockpot stuff. The wild rice soup is GREAT - just watch carefully because it gets overly thick too quickly. Add the roux slowly and have extra broth on hand. It's super yummy though. I want to make the tomato basil soup but wish it had some protein in it for a more substantial meal.