22 weeks

These little smiles are thanks to Benjamin making him laugh.  What a cutie.  Remember when I said he was waking up at 2 or 3 am?  Now we're sleeping from 11pm til 4 which is even more lovely.  The other day he slept in til 9 then proceeded to take a two hour nap two days in a row!  Today was a bit of a different story and I like to think he's getting a tooth but who really knows.  I did get him a new teething toy today at Target... and so begins being a sucker and thinking he "needs" a new toy because clearly he's getting bored with the same old things to look at and chew.

This past week we enjoyed the 70 degrees days and took advantage of the weather by wearing some warmer clothes I have for him.  I have a fear that once it warms up for good there will be some things he won't be able to wear because he'll have grown out of them already.  Oh well..that's why you have more kids, right?  Just kidding.

Tonight I got to work on some art projects- more on that later- and now it's time to spend time with the husband.  Looks like we're being very cliche and watching "Up All Night.."

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