21 weeks (5 months today!)

Oh buddy.  You're getting so big.  You so badly want to be sitting up and you're oh-so-aware of everything around you.  You just fell asleep and recently you fall asleep best when we sing to you.  We have to brush up on our nursery rhymes.  Until then you're hearing a lot of worship songs these days.  

The past two nights you've slept from 2 or 3 am til 8 am and I am oh-so-thankful!  Keep it up, babe!  You're growing like a weed too.  Today I put you in a 9 month short sleeve onesie because it's a lovely 70 degrees out, and it fit!  I was expecting there to be some more room but I think I can dip into the bigger clothes I have in your dresser now.  It seems like you packed on the pounds in the last week.

You cackle at the most random things and I'm excited for when you really laugh.  I love being your Mom and seeing you look up at me, or the sweet looks you give your dad when he comes home.  You love your daddy!  We got to see Grammy and Grandpa a bunch this week and I think you know who they are too.  You definitely know who your Grammy is because she keeps singing "You are My Sunshine" to you and emphasizes to me..."Please don't take..my sunshine away!"  

I can't believe in a month you'll be eating food...and in a month you'll be so much bigger too and I bet sitting up, laughing, and maybe even sleeping through the night!

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