20 weeks

I snapped this picture before the camera battery died.  Sadly I can't find the charger right now so in an effort to get the picture up, this is what we have.  Serious Anderson who is most likely thinking, "really Mom? Again?"  

Today my life changed with the little one and he's no longer stationary.  I put him under his play mat while Grammy and I put away some clothes and tried to figure out what we have for him for the next size and my Mom said, "Laura...look at him!"  I looked over and captured this.  Oh dear.  So much for thinking, "oh, I'll just put him there and take a quick shower..."  The kid scooted his way off the mat and onto the floor to play with the plastic from the paper towels.  

Don't mind the fact that he's just got a diaper on and an awesome hat.  I was trying to see if the hat fit- which it did since he's just such a big head.  Oh Buddy, please sleep tonight, ok?!  Your Mamma is a tired one.

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