18 weeks

18 weeks brought you a doctor's appointment, a round of shots, and the realization that you've got some eczema.  Sad times in the life of little Anderson and sleepless times in the life of Mom.  I write this now as you're 19 weeks going on 20 and we're thankfully getting some more sleep around here.  I think the dry itchy skin had you waking up a lot which who wouldn't?  Your skin is dry and itchy and you aren't coordinated enough to itch it.  Rough times.

The bumbo is a new source of excitement around here and lucky for me because you can hang out in there for a little while I make myself a meal.  You're tracking food like you're ready for it, but I'm going to hold off til 6 months to walk down that road.  I suppose I should start looking at the baby cookbooks I have...in my spare time.

Everything seems to be going in your mouth and although you're working on getting some teeth there's no sign of any just yet.  Makes me wonder how loud you'll scream and how much you'll fuss when they really do come.  The joys. You're growing up so fast.  It's funny how we try to get you to reach for things or hold onto them now, when pretty soon we'll be saying, "hands off!"  

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