you are my sunshine

Anderson and I have had a great day.  I've cleaned here and there thanks to tips from Motivated Mom, we went for a walk, read books, the Story Book Bible- an amazing devotional for me too!- and played with toys.  He's trying to grab for things now and it's fun to see him almost get it.  He's taken some naps and I even let him cry for a bit - though that still is much harder than I thought it'd be.

Recently we've been listening to the Elizabeth Mitchell Pandora station throughout the house.  It's nice background music and kid friendly too.  "You are My Sunshine" came on today and I couldn't help but tear up as I sang it to him.  I love this print by Katie Daisy on Etsy.  Someday if we have a girl I plan on it hanging in her room. Until then, I can enjoy looking at it in my Mom's nursery.


  1. James and I read the Story Book Bible every night, and i have seriously considered giving it to non-Christian friends to help explain things! I love it, and the other night, he told me, "Mom, I love the Bible!". It made my heart so happy. Glad you are enjoying it too!

  2. So sweet- that's exactly what we hope they'll say as a result of reading it!