oh my. 3 months going on 30?

Lots of updates to come.  Mainly the Christmas season was spent at both grandparents getting lots of love, and also getting a cold if your name is Anderson.  Check the little man out.  3 months going on 30 perhaps?!  We're officially in the next size of diapers and clothes.  He grew a lot it seems over the last two weeks and is changing up his sleeping patterns as well.  I think my baby who is up an hour, sleeping again, and eating every 2 hours is changing what he wants to do.  And so it begins, again....

I love popcorn on my parents tree.  I think next year I'm going to do that.  Either that, or I need to start looking at strands of cranberries on super sale.

Grandpa read Anderson's cues really well and was able to put him to sleep many a time.  That made me very thankful as I was able to feed him then know I could take a shower, dry my hair, and put on makeup without a break.  The little luxuries in life these days.

Now that he's over 3 months and we're back to reality I'm trying to put him to bed in his crib for naps and yes, going to transition to the crib for night time.  The cold threw things off when we had to have him sleeping upright, and being out of town for almost 2 weeks it seemed silly to be adamant about getting him to be in his crib when we would be out of it for a bit.  These are really minor issues and I know he'll mature and grow up and sleep and eat and be in a crib in no time.

Admittedly, part of me is mourning the newborn phase as being a thing of the past.  I loved holding him for naps and knowing we couldn't spoil him.  Now I'm torn with getting him to nap when he needs to and wondering how much we'll get out of the house in the next few months as we figure out his schedule.  I'm thankful for a friend in the neighborhood to go on walks with, and a Mom's group I know I'll keep up with once a week.

Oh and don't worry, he'll still be spoiled.  If I end up feeding to soothe him or he naps in my arms once in awhile I think and know it'll all be ok.  That said, we do need to work on giving him more bottles so Benjamin and I can get out.  We tried this morning and he was not having it.  Turns out the baby who I was so worried about whether or not he would nurse loves it, I love it, and now he doesn't so much want a bottle.  Again- it's ok- he'll get the hang of it and eventually we'll be able to go out on dates...right?!

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