happy one year ago today to us

One year ago today Benjamin and I were sitting down to relax for a bit before hitting the hay.  He asked if he could pour me a glass of wine and I had reservations.  What if I was pregnant?!  After all, I was a day late.  One day and I was suspicious.  I suggested we take a test before I drank a glass of wine because after all, what if I were pregnant?

Benjamin laughed it off but gave in to my craziness and we wandered upstairs so I could take the test and he could stand nearby for the 2 or 3 minutes as we awaited the results. I remember shaking and praying and being pretty giddy.  Benjamin now says I willed for this baby to happen.  It was like I knew...

Obviously, the result was positive and we stood there and said several times, "we're pregnant...we are pregnant..."  Later that night we decided it would be a good idea to download a bunch of baby documentaries on Netflix but first we watched the opening scene to Look Whose Talking- a completely scientific and practical way to think about the little babe growing inside of me.

And now?  Well now we're a family.  We have an almost 4 month old, we're tired, and we've got oh so much love and joy in our lives.  Happy One Year Since We Found Out About Anderson to Us...


  1. Cute! You're gonna be one of those girls who can just tell... happy one year! (hilarious my word for verification was "wines")

  2. Laura, this is such a sweet story! Thanks for sharing.