chocolate covered pb crackers

In my family our holiday staple is Buckeyes.  This year my Mom and I tried out Smitten's version and they were pretty good.  Not as sweet thanks to the graham crackers and cream cheese in there.  I think I'd make them again in fact and cover them with dark chocolate.  This year we did do something outside of our tradition with them apart from steering away from our original recipe.  We dipped them in chocolate and didn't add paraffin.  We figured eating wax probably isn't good after all.  You you wiser with age, you know.

In Benjamin's family they make peanut butter ritz sandwiches and dip them in chocolate. That's the recipe.  The perfect salty sweet combination and if you're like me you'll justify the peanut butter as being a nice protein pick me up.

I captured the process and bit and loved the moment Scarlet got caught tasting the chocolate.  The moment is priceless.

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