...and we're back.

Guess what?  The weekend has been full of cooking.  Just finished up a delicious risotto dish and thinking I might just make me some Joy the Baker brownies.  We're at my parents so it's easier to cook while grammy or grandpa hold the little one.  I'm feeling motivated to be back in the kitchen more thanks to life becoming a little less unpredictable, and overall just getting more and more into the swing of things even though Anderson is still operatng like a newborn- eating every 2 hours and only awake for an hour to two hours before he wants another nap. 

I'm also feeling well, like a Motivated Mom thanks to ...you guessed it.. the Motivated Mom App for the iPhone.  You betcha.  It's this handy app that gives me a list of chores each day so I don't reach the end of the week, look around my house, stare at dust and want to cry because things have gotten away from me.  I do love me a good list and this is "just the ticket.."  The other day I cleaned my sink because it said so and also read Amos 8-9 because it said so. Not a Mom?  You can still have the app and just hide the things like "Read to Children.."  That one's not a chore though, neither is reading the Bible....

All this to say, here's to hoping Anderson gets the swing of sleeping in his crib more this week and decides not to wake up every 2-3 hours at night so I can actually post some of the beautiful recipes I've recently made!

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  1. Just downloaded the app! Thanks for the tip.. hoping it helps this mom be motivated. Writing the to-do list down makes it feel less overwhelming too!