martha's meringue pie. the truth.

As you know I made Martha's Deep-Dish Meringue Pie for Thanksgiving.  Beautiful? Yes.  Amazing? No.  It didn't really make sense to me.  The pumpkin pie itself was good but the meringue was too sweet, not to mention that there was too much of it, and it didn't stick to the pumpkin well at all.

I wonder if Martha really ever tried the pie.  It's time for honesty people.  Coming back into blog reading and recipe making I have to be honest.  I wouldn't recommend making this pie...unless of course you love sweet meringue on your pumpkin pie instead of cool whip.  Next year, I'm going back to cool whip.

On a high note- cute dessert plates my Mom has, right?!

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  1. I concur...leave the meringue to the lemon pie and give me homemade whipped cream on my pumpkin! :)