eleven weeks

Babies getting big...sleeping long stretches and as of this week he seems to want to go to bed a bit earlier.  That said, I did love the few days he was eating at 10:30 PM then letting me go to bed around the same time and wake up at 5!  Sweet relief.  I think people call that "sleeping through the night." 

His Christmas outfit (above) showed up from Zullily the other day.  He wore it to see Santa of course.  Santa got the same stare any new person does... "Excuse me...you're new here..."  Serious baby continues.  Then again, he's smiling and a happy camper in the morning, just like his Mamma.

"They" say at 12 weeks you can self soothe and so we're transitioning him to his crib more and more.  In fact, tonight is the first night he's in it...will you stay in there all night, kiddo?  Such a big boy....

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