12 weeks

We've got a "baby baby" now.  He's no longer an infant and if you've had a baby you'll understand.  There's a point where they change from being infants to babies.  He's interacting more, smiles in response to "I Looove You!", coo's and ahh's, looks at the Christmas lights..looks at the TV and then I turn it off and turn him away from it...kicks at his mobile and play mat, and smiles when my Mom says, "It's your Grammmy!"

I'm loving every minute of watching him grow up and relishing this time as I know he'll soon be napping and I won't be able to just hold him in my arms while he sleeps.  I'm sure I could...I know I could...but nap times will come and I'll be thankful because it will mean I'll get to shower earlier in the day and not rush at just about everything.  I'll still rush I'm sure but it'll be different.

I'm looking back at the first 2 months as he's almost 3 months old and remembering when he was so tiny.  The kid had no meat on him.  Now he has rolls and once again I'm going through clothes that seem too small. Benjamin thinks they just now fit, but it's true, some things are just getting a little too small- mainly short for our long boy.  I love dressing him up each day and laugh when I think of how clean and well dressed he is while I rush to look presentable.  Did I mention I love this time?  I do.  It will soon be gone and my baby will grow up even more.

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